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About Us

About Us


Plant Based Products

In  our  products,  there  are  no  chemicals,  alcohols,  ammonia  and it is  non-toxic.  We  are  100% plant  based  and  Vegan  with  our  top  2  ingredients  being  banana  leaf  and  coconut  oil. 


Safe For All Types of Metels and Stones

SunShine  Premium Professional Tarnish Remover/Polishing Cream  is safe  on  all  metals  from  silver,  gold and platinum  to  chrome and copper.  It  is  non  abrasive  so  it  will  not  scratch  or  damage  your  precious  metals.  The  SunShine  Premium Foaming  Cleaning  Solution  is  safe  on  EVERYTHING  including  plated  metals,  costume  jewelry ,  and even delicate  pearls  and  opals .   


Why are We Different?

Other jewelry cleaners have an abundance of chemicals in their cleaning solutions with directions to not leave your fine jewelry in for more that 15 seconds to 5 minutes. (depending on the brand) This is because the chemicals that are in that cleaning solution will destroy the metals and discolor the diamonds if you exceed that time frame. 

With  SunShine Premium Professional Jewelry Cleaner, all of your jewelry is safe because there are no chemicals.  You do not have to worry about anything getting damaged and our products are Eco-conscious and never tested on animals.

Who are we?


Kimberly and Ian Petersen

We are the only Canadian distributors of SunShine Professional Jewelry Cleaning products.  

We are travelling through Ontario and will soon will be branching across Canada to sell our top of the line products to you!

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Not just for jewellery


Premium Polish Cream

Premium Polishing Cream

Behold the "T" word. Tarnish. It will blacken beautiful jewelry before you know it, and it used to take hours to remove. Until now. Our premium tarnish remover/polishing cream is the toughest gentle ointment you've ever seen. Put a dab on a cloth, rub it in, and watch the tarnish disappear. No brush or hot air necessary. Your jewelry will be back to its original shine in seconds. Non-abrasive with no harsh chemicals and safe for all types of metal, including your most delicate jewelry. You can even use our ointment to clean marble, masonite countertops and vinyl. When it comes to tarnish, tough is a good thing.

-   It  removes small scratches and scuff marks from plastic, glass top stoves, chrome rims and pipes, motorcycle chrome, helmets, sink faucets, solid surface tops like marble, stone, granite, ceramic, avonite, corian, and swanstone, and floor covers like linoleum, 

vinyl, and tile.

 -  Achieves amazing results on rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, watchbands, silver tea service sets, silver spoon sets, silver goblets, coins, buckles, medals, picture frames, motorcycle chrome, aluminum trailers, and horse tack bridles & bits

Frequently asked questions

How is Sunshine jewelry cleaner different from what I can buy at the jeweler's or the department store? 

Most cleaners sold by department stores and jewelers contain harmful chemicals such as ammonias, acids, and alcohol. Sunshine cleaner does not. It contains natural, plant based cleaning agents and is safe for you, your family and your neighborhood. Enjoy a safer, greener way to clean.

Is it safe on soft stones such as opals and pearls?

Absolutely. All you have to do is dip the stone in the jewelry cleaner (pink solution), rinse and dry. It’s important not to leave your soft stones to soak in the solution or anything else, as they tend to absorb liquid.

How often can I use my jewelry cleaner?

As often as every day, if you choose. It’s that gentle on your jewelry.

Can I use my jewelry cleaner in an ultra-sonic machine?

Yes, you can. The solution used is the biggest factor in how the sonic machine does its job. Our solution is the ultimate cleaner.

What about using it on my costume or fashion jewelry?

If you can get your jewelry wet, you can clean it with Sunshine jewelry cleaner. Again, just dip, rinse, and dry. Be sure not to soak your fashion jewelry.

How do I clean my diamonds (and other hard stones) with Sunshine jewelry cleaner?

It works best to let your diamonds and other hard stones soak for a bit in our solution, especially if there is any buildup of dirt under the stones. Then use the special jeweler's brush provided in all of our kits to gently brush beneath the stones and remove any build-up. Caution: Let the cleaner do its job. Never brush harshly. 

Should I rinse my jewelry after using the cleaner?

Always. Sunshine jewelry cleaner will rinse without leaving any kind of film, restoring the brilliance of your jewelry. Be sure to rinse after you use the tarnish remover, as well.

How long will my jewelry cleaner last?

The large kit (2 oz. tarnish remover, 4 oz. jewelry cleaner, and 8 oz. refill) will last the average person up to two years. That works out to roughly less than $3 a month to keep your jewelry looking as though you purchased it today.

Can I use the jewelry cleaner (pink solution) on my eyeglasses?

Yes, you can. Simply dip, rinse, and dry with a soft cotton cloth.  Spray on, rinse, and dry.


What can I use my tarnish remover for?

Use it to remove tarnish from precious metals such as gold, silver and copper – faster and easier than anything you’ve ever tried. You’ll also find it’s great at cleaning those hard-to-remove stains on counter-tops, cook tops and floors. We have people tell us all the time about new uses they’ve found. When you find another one, let us know!

How often should I use the tarnish remover?

Once a month is usually sufficient but you can use it more often, if you like.

Can I use the tarnish remover on my costume or fashion jewelry?

No. Fashion jewelry doesn’t tarnish. It’s better to use our Sunshine jewelry cleaner.


Can I use both cleaners on my silver and my gold?

Yes. Use the tarnish remover first to remove all tarnish and then simply dip your silver or gold in the pink solution, rinse and dry. Do not soak your silver.

Can I use Sunshine products on my necklaces and chains?

Definitely. The tarnish remover does a beautiful job of removing tarnish from your chains, both silver and gold. The pink solution is great for maintaining the shine and brilliance of your metals.

What is the shelf life of Sunshine products?

Two to three years, unopened.